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    Wild Nutrition

    Back in 2010, while writing her first book and formulating for leading healthcare brands, nutritional practitioner Henrietta Norton was asked to recommend supplements to a client. In good faith, she just couldn’t do it. She felt that there wasn’t anything on the market that she could hand-on-heart recommend. And in fact, she knew she could do better. So she took it upon herself to raise the bar in the supplement space. The result? Wild Nutrition.

    Wild Nutrition is a range of Food Grown supplements which utilise an organic way of making supplements. First, they begin by selecting the finest natural ingredients, and then they grow them in a paste made of the highest-quality whole food. What results is a nutrient-rich substance that the body can not only recognise, but easily absorb, too.

    No solvents or synthetic chemicals are used, and the process takes place in a low-heat environment to protect the stability of the nutrients. It’s a process that respects the integrity of the raw materials, and a million miles away from the process used to make synthetic supplements. Wild Nutrition grows every single ingredient individually, which they then combine in unique formulas, each one a complex range of intelligently formulated nutrients with the power to effect change to both the body and mind.

    With options for breastfeeding mothers, endometriosis sufferers, those looking to boost their hair, skin and nails and almost everything in between, there’s a Wild Nutrition formula to suit you. Find them here at Dandy.

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