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    Our Story

    Everything's fine and dandy, nothing to see here. Or is there? 

    Dandy Wellness was born out of one woman's willingness to ask herself that very question. And to keep asking, again and again, until she finally found some answers. 

    In 2020, having just escaped a five-year emotionally abusive relationship and reeling from the discovery that everything she knew about her life would forever be changed, Harriet Sweeney didn't know who or what to turn to. She did know what society wanted her to do: shove those feelings as far down as you can, smile real big, pretend you're ok and get on with your life. All fine and dandy, ladies and gentlemen!

    But society had another thing coming, because Harriet refused to stick to the script. 

    After hitting rock bottom and quitting her job to travel the world on her own, she began to look inward and ask herself those big, uncomfortable questions that life wants us to shy away from: who do I want to be? What is my purpose? What if there was a better way to do things? What would it look like to be and feel truly well?

    Dandy Wellness is one woman's answer to life's big questions, and it could be yours, too. 

    Dandy is a place for questioning everything you thought you knew about how you want to move through the world, and where a modern journey through millenary wellness practices could take you. 

    It's the right place for you if you, too, believe it's okay not to be okay. We're here to tell you: we've been there, and we can get through it together. 

    When Harriet was struggling to find a way out of her darkest moments, she found little comfort in whimsical #vibes and positivity for positivity's sake. Instead, she found her way back to herself through the wisdom of spiritual, therapeutic, and holistic practices that have been around for thousands of years, and the knowledge that they could be just as helpful in modern times as they had been for ancient civilisations. 

    At her lowest, Harriet had lost all semblance of self-worth, and instead swapped it with brutal self-loathing and a negative mindset keeping her stuck in place. She started struggling with anxiety and depression for the first time, but also acute physical manifestations of the stress her body and mind were under: her gut, hormones, digestion and skin were all out of balance, her circumstances so dire that she didn't think she'd ever find healing.

    Desperate for expert guidance and valuable resources in her time of need, Harriet's search took her to the most disparate corners of the internet, but all to little avail. That's when she realised what was missing: a place where British women from all walks of life could approach themselves to wellness in a no-nonsense, supportive, and inclusive environment offering practical tips, effective tools, and expert advice to navigate life's most trying moments.

    From menstruation to motherhood and menopause, but also career, sex, relationships, culture, nutrition, and mental wellbeing, Harriet set out to create a one-stop-shop for curious women asking themselves all the right questions. 

    Through normalising taboo topics and providing a safer-than-safe place for the kind of conversations it's hard to have anywhere else, Dandy Wellness is the digital sanctuary you need if you choose real over perfect. Let's do it together instead of competition. Bold instead of meek. Work-in-progress over idealised. 

    We believe it's time for women to free themselves of society's shackles holding them back, and discover what we're really capable of.

    Ready to join us on the journey?

    Dandy, Delivered.

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