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    How To Create An End Of Month Reflection

    'good' isn't good enough
    Kirsty Raynor
    How To Create An End Of Month Reflection


    I am one of those women too. I’m constantly reaching for the next goal, the next dream, stretching myself to make sure that I "seem" to be performing - and quite frankly I think we all just need to take a minute. 

    We are constantly exposed to social media “norms” that are instantaneously adding pressure to our lives often without consciously realising. We see 100 morning routines shared in the space of a two minute scroll on reels or TikTok and before we know it, we are already on the back foot of our day. 


    ‘Good’ isn’t good enough. 

    Unless your morning matcha is in a glass cup, with a glass straw, over tiny ice cubes hitting direct sunlight it is not worthy. 

    If you’re not up at 5am with glowing skin, in a white skims top or pacing the streets to get that sunrise shot get back in bed girl. Your mediocre pace and natural light is not good enough to live on this tiny screen.

    The thing is I really know you get this. I know that you and I have felt this and as a trained transformational coach I am here to tell you that you are more than good enough and I want to teach you how to recognise this pattern and how to rectify it. 

    Please do not worry, I am not about to tell you to delete social media and go and “live your best life” . I'm going to give you tangible steps that you can put into place to manage your feelings. 



    Step 1: Establish the baseline

    Take a moment to really notice where you are today and what those feelings are manifesting themselves as. Are you feeling resentment or joy? Opportunity or stagnation? What exactly does that feel like for you? Do you have a lack of energy or is your mind in overdrive meaning you cannot switch off. There isn’t a right or wrong answer. In fact it's so intuitive to take some time to really establish your baseline so that we can move into the next step.

    Step 2: Daily moments

    I call these “the bits in between doing the things” - I really need a better name for this and truly all ideas are welcome. You know when you close the laptop and take a breath, or when you make your favourite drink in the evening perhaps you take your dog for a walk. Those are the simple moments that make up a beautiful day and yet because it's not on the to do list we paper over it. Rush to the next thing queen you haven't got time to do nothing!  The issue is that when your daily moments of joy are overlooked they become fewer and farther between until you are on your screen from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. I implore you to add 3 daily moments (morning, afternoon and evening) just for you to enjoy and savour the stillness. 

    Step 3: Close your day

    I’m going to level with you here…. I am not one to deeply journal every night despite how many times I have tried it. So I decided to change the narrative and I want to share what I do instead. I call it the wind down technique to essentially close out my day. I make a mental and physical shift into what the surroundings look like. I change the lighting, light candles but I also run through my day and write down 1-3 positive things that happened. This can be anything from my daily moments, to working with a wonderful client, to doing the washing and putting it away (it's the putting it away part isn't it!) What I am doing in my diary is creating small wins every single day of my life to create recognition and repetition in my mind that I am succeeding. It doesn’t need to be this huge thing that only 6 figure businesses or girl bosses or the matcha morning girls are rewarded for. It's for us too. 

    Step 4: Use your 12 months a year wisely

    Each month we focus on the 1st - don’t even get me started on January. Yet who is really focussing on closing the last month and celebrating all of those moments that you went through. You could have been through one of the hardest times of your life and yet with the simplistic goal setting approach you allow yourself no self compassion. So let's flip this. Let’s empower the reflection to be the biggest lessons that we can create for ourselves. By using an end of month reflection 12 times in a year you are creating space in your mindset for both growth and understanding without the scarcity. That is where the magic happens. That is where you see and define your own gaps, places that may need work, and you do not let external factors complicate it. 

    It's the little bits that I want you to celebrate. The unique point of view you have and your voice that the world deserves to hear. As long as we are are showing up in our own way, we are doing it - and I’m so proud of you.

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