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    Reformer Pilates: How to Get Into The It Girl Workout

    Davina Catt
    Reformer Pilates: How to Get Into The It Girl Workout

    There is a new secret formula on the lips of all the ‘cool girls’ in town – Reformer Pilates. For those still struggling to get their body back into shape post pandemic, pregnancy or just feeling an ageing metabolism kick in, Reformer Pilates is a new style of the traditional pilates class with a few extra dimensions added in. And the intense results have got everyone talking.
    Taking the traditional Pilates techniques, originally founded by Joseph Pilates in New York in the early 1920’s, and still based on his core principles; breath, concentration, centring, control, precision, flow, the reformer style offers the same postural, flexibility toning, and injury benefits.
    However other elements can be added in, including circuits, weight and spin – to give you a demanding full body workout that sculpts figures, builds lean, toned muscle fast and ultimately weight loss. All on the reformer pilates machine (not the traditional mat based style).
    The reformer pilates ‘machine’ based on a ‘carriage’ is mainly involved in pushing or pulling the platform against the spring resistance, controlling the movement back, forth or still: pilates ball, pilates rings, ankle weights and resistance bands can also be used.
    Whilst ‘Reformer Pilates’ toned bodies might be doing the fashionable Instagram rounds, beginners need not be put off, it’s an easy fitness regime to adopt and has plenty of mindful benefits too: think improved memory, quietening the mind, an endorphin kick, relieving anxiety and depression.
    Other physical benefits include lowered blood pressure, easing lower back pain, improved focus and coordination, posture and body alignment, and flexibility and strength.
    NOTE: It’s possible to work the Reformer Pilates machine on your own or buy a portable one for home but we wouldn’t recommend that if pregnant or if you are not advanced in pilates techniques – a good instructor will adjust your position manually to make sure you are working the right muscles and exercising as effectively as possible.
    AND: DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE – Joseph Pilates commented himself that the main thing beginners do wrong in pilates is ‘hold their breath!’
    The beauty of reformer pilates is you can fit in a short session with maximum impact before work or even in a lunch break to keep you aligned throughout the day.
    We have sourced a few of the best Reformer Pilates workouts around London (some with their own niche take)


    Ten Health and Fitness

    Early champions of the benefits of Reformer Pilates, Ten have taken on the traditional Reformer technique and added their own refinements — including elements from other disciplines, like circuits, weights and spin — for maximum body-sculpting effect.



    Has a range of Reformer Pilates classes for all levels with great instructors

    Exhale Pilates

    Expect state of the art equipment and great instructors for an effective version of Reformer Pilates.


    Redefines the modern day workout with transformer pilates classes that capture New York's infectious energy, tailored to London lifestyles.

    Flow LDN

    A popular destination for many, Flow LDN offers foundation and dynamic reformers suited to different experience levels.




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