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    A Guide To Fertility Crystals

    Anna Myers
    A Guide To Fertility Crystals

    Maybe you’ve never looked into crystals and their healing properties. Or maybe you’re already a pro at matching your physical and emotional needs to crystals and gemstones traditionally used to help with different problems you might be facing. 

    Whatever your view on crystals and alternative holistic techniques, we could all learn something from ancient cultures dating back to Sumerians and Egyptians. Crystals were, and still are, believed to act as energy conduits: they have been used by humans throughout thousands of years, to release negative energy and help positive and healing energy flow into the body in its place. 


    What are fertility crystals? 


    Crystals and gemstones are believed to act on the body and its energy field to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing: they work by stimulating and regulating the energy flow in our body, so balance can be restored and any blockages in our chakra channels can be eliminated.

    Crystals used for fertility and pregnancy are often the ones associated with love and the sacral or heart chakras. Each stone is supposed to possess different healing properties, beneficial to different health concerns or emotional disturbances. They can be used as talismans or amulets, used during meditation, or physically placed on the body during holistic treatments to help clear chakra imbalances. 

    It’s easy to experiment with different uses and placements to find which one works best for your particular needs, and to guide you on your journey!


    Do fertility crystals actually work?


    Science doesn’t consider healing crystals an evidence or fact based practice, and it’s important to note that within the scientific community they are considered quackery or pseudoscience. Preliminary studies however, report a minor effect on the body’s energy levels, and while this has not yet been peer-reviewed, it is a promising step. 

    Nevertheless, they remain a popular staple in alternative and New Age spaces. Whatever the truth may be, even pure placebo effect has been proven to be safe, and somewhat effective in helping patients treat physical and emotional ailments. 

    When it comes to fertility concerns, with 1 in 7 UK couples having trouble conceiving, it can’t harm to look into crystals as a possible path to clearing one’s energy and finding support during an anxious and potentially stressful time. Crystals can also accompany expectant parents past the moment of conception, through pregnancy and then parenthood. 


    The best crystals for fertility and pregnancy



    A common crystal used when calling in contraception, or used to help with anything related to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, as well as balancing hormones. It is also commonly used to aid during the in-vitro fertilisation process (IVF) and to help stabilise energy. 



    Brings in feeling of serenity and peace, soothing the spirit in times of hardship or stress. It's the perfect stone to turn to when feeling overwhelmed both through fertility struggles or pregnancy itself, and can prove beneficial in finding serenity and healing energy. 


    Clear Quartz

    Used to amplify and strengthen one's intention, in this case, the desire to conceive or bring a healthy pregnancy to full term. 



    A green gemstone commonly used to aid fertility concerns, as well as staving off infections like STDs. 


    Thought to help with low libido or libido issues, as well as give a boost to the immune system and help with brittle skin and hair.



    Thought to have protective power and release calming energy, so it is also used during pregnancy.



    Associated with fertility, as it has been used as a talisman for good fortune since Neolithic times. 


    Rose Quartz 

    The crystal of love, intended not only as romantic love but also familial love, which is related to childbearing and fertility. It helps future mums find inner peace and the light of loving energy, and connect to their heart chakra. It is also commonly used to aid during the in-vitro fertilisation process (IVF) and to help stabilise energy.



    Used to encourage conception as it represents fiery and pure life energy, but also helps improve sex drive and can help boost fertility.



    Helps clear energy blockages and awaken sexual desire. 



    Helps feel more calm and make worries fade into the background, bringing in a peaceful feeling during conception and birth. 



    Commonly used to keep expectant mothers or women trying to conceive safe on their path to a healthy childbirth. 



    How to use fertility crystals 


    You can wear crystals as jewellery or place them under your pillow while you sleep, hold them in your hands during meditation practice, or situate them around your home in places you wish to be infused with harmony, energy, and life force. 

    When used to target fertility and pregnancy, it can be useful to position the crystals of your choice in the bedroom and close to the bed, where they can work their magic during the nighttime.



    Crystals for male fertility


    While we’ve focused on gemstones used to help women through the process of fertility and pregnancy, some crystals are also known to be beneficial to men’s fertility.


    Blue Pietersite is a traditionally popular male fertility crystal, used to aid with problems like sexual impotence

    Ruby Zoisite, or anyolite, boosts sexual energy and is supposed to aid with testicular problems

    Smoky Quartz is believed to treat sexual dysfunctions blocking male fertility

    Chrysoprase targets low sperm count, and is used to increase this in order to help with infertility, as well as protect from STDs and infections

    Shiva Lingam is a crystal shaped like an egg, which is said to contain pure male life force which can be redirected to overcome fertility problems

    Pyrite is a popular stone used to treat male impotence and infertility


    So, now you know a little bit more about fertility crystals and how to best utilise them, as well as which crystals are perfect for men and which for women. Start experimenting, and see for yourself whether crystals provide any comfort, and whether they can help you on your fertility journey!

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