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    10 Wellness Events In London This March

    Katie Silcox

    From sleep workshops and sex talks to manifestation webinars and Reiki healing sessions, March is a month overflowing with wellness workshops. Coupled with industry-focussed deep dives into wellness tech, you’ll find an event to suit your every interest this month. All you need to do is set your intentions for the month ahead, browse some of our favourite events below, then click the ‘book’ button. 



    1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th March: Kunda Dance with Uliana Da 

    Kunda Dance are making March happy, with uplifting dance-meets-yoga sessions throughout the month. Kicking off on Wednesday 1st March and taking place every subsequent Wednesday at 6.30PM, this is the place to boost mind, body and soul using movement; specifically dance, fitness and yoga. Each session uses a combination of all three, alongside asanas and breathing techniques, each element carefully considered and timed to create an uplifting experience. In their own words, Kunda Dance will “shake away all your fears, insecurity, tension, stress and anxiety bringing energy and vibrancy into your life.” What better way to welcome the new month?



    4th And 5th March: Roxie Nafousi’s Manifestation and Self-Love Workshops 

    Early March sees two online events hosted by Roxie Nafousi, ideal for those in - or far away from - London this month. The first, on the 4th March is a Manifestation Workshop, designed to introduce and guide participants through her seven steps for life-changing manifestation and ending with a raise-your-vibes visualisation meditation. There will also be a 30-minute Q&A with Roxie: get ready to ask anything you’ve been wondering about the manifestation process. On 5th March, Roxie will host a Self-Love webinar which aims to help you unlock your empowered self by equipping you with confidence-building tools, something Roxie believes is the driving-force behind manifestation. Attend both webinars for the most powerful results.


    8th March: Sex Talks with Emma-Louise Boynton at The London Edition

    What do women think about when they’re having sex? This International Women’s Day Emma-Louise Boynton, founder of Her Hustle, invites us to explore this question and more at her panel-led event, Sex Talks. Joined by Lucy-Anne Holmes - author, activist and sexual priestess - (who promises to explain the latter at the event), and Sangeeta Pillai, founder of Soul Sutras, the three will discuss what we women really think about while we have sex, as well as why and how female pleasure equates to gender equality and the taboos that still surround it. There will also be an exhibition showcasing the work of female artists who explore sex and intimacy. What better way to celebrate IWD 2023 than learning more about ourselves, our desires and our sex lives?



    13th March: Sleep and Mental Health: Free Lecture

    We all know that sleep is important, not only for physical health, but also for mental health. This free lecture explores the relationship between how we sleep and our psychological well-being. It will touch on sleep disorders such as nightmares and sleep eating, and offer tools and strategies to manage sleep disturbances. This is a must for anyone who feels they aren’t getting the right amount, or type of Z’s, and a first step towards improving not only the nighttime hours, but the daytime ones, too. Too tired to attend? The event will also be available online. Register here to watch.


    19th March: Crystal Reiki Healing and Sound Bath

    With a plethora of events being held throughout March including yoga, sound healing and brunches with a side of oracle card reading, we have no doubt you’ll find an event to suit you at The Mandrake hotel this month. But the one that’s caught our eye is the crystal Reiki healing with sound bath. Hosted by holistic practitioners, Mystic Sisters, expect to have your aura cleansed and a crystal activating meditation; the activated crystals will be placed on your body in combination with sound vibrations - both intended to heal - followed by a healing-focussed Reiki journey. 



    21st March: WIRED Health 

    Mapping the future of health, Wired Magazine is back with WIRED Health for the 11th year. 

    Covering medicine, nutrition, menstruation, and everything in between and with a focus on health innovations and academic breakthroughs, this is the place to be if you’re a health professional, or simply someone keen to find out what the future of health and the health industry may hold. There’s a start-up showcase taking place too, and plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow, health-conscious peers, industry founders and stalwarts, and even potential collaborators. 




    23rd March: Celebrating Women's History Month: Voices of Women in Health Tech 

    According to Forbes, only 2% of funding for start ups goes to female founded businesses and this event - Voices of Women in Health Tech - is here to talk about it. Putting women who bridge health and tech at the forefront, hear the stories and honour the accomplishments of women in health tech. Panel speakers include: Tatiana Klimanova, Accelerator Director at FemTech Lab; Lindsey Depledge, Co-founder of Beanbag Health; Yasmin Zlotogorski, Founder and CEO of Hera App; and Peony Li, Founder and CEO of Jude and is set to give attendees a greater insight into the industry. Who knows, you may just come away with the next big health-tech idea.


    23rd March: The PCOS Dinner Club for Women 

    Alexandra Baldi is a Vinyasa yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist and health coach who has battled with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), an imbalance of hormones in women that affects oestrogen and progesterone levels. In March, for the first time, she invites other PCOS sufferers to meet for a dinner to discuss symptoms, share stories and learn about diet-based solutions. As well as a chance to understand more about our bodies, this is an opportunity to connect with others going through the same issues. The event will be held at the elegant vegan restaurant, Holy Carrot, so it’s also an opportunity to enjoy a delicious and wholesome dinner with new friends. 


    23rd March: New Moon Circle 

    A women’s circle is a powerful thing, one taking place at the time of and in celebration of the new moon, even more so. Join Emily Aitcheson to focus on our divine feminine energy through channels including journaling and meditation. This is a safe space that aims to create connection, nurture innovation and bring new vigour into your life for the next moon cycle. Use the time to listen to your inner-self, set intentions for the weeks and months ahead and embrace the real, raw you alongside a supportive group of like-minded women.



    26th March: Cacao Ceremony and Yin Yoga 

    In Chinese philosophy, Yin represents a feminine, inward energy while yang - its counterpart - is an outward, masculine energy. This workshop, held by Francesca Secolonovo, targets the Yin through a slow and thoughtful Yin yoga session, a practice which involves holding poses for a longer time as a way of reaching the deep tissues of our bodies, alongside quieting the mind. The session begins with a cup of cacao, a spiritual-practice tradition for thousands of years that is believed to help with awakening and inner healing. This 90-minute session is a time to explore your whole self - mind, body and soul - through stretching and reflection. 



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