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    7 Wellbeing Events in London this February

    Katie Silcox

    February is the month of love, and a big part of that is finding ways to love yourself first. These seven events, all held across London this month, include sound healing, bedtime yoga, an interactive and educational journey through gut health and even an exploration of love itself. Each will bring you closer to yourself by showing you ways to love and protect your mind, heart, body and soul. 


    9 February: The Psychology of Love with Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan

    It wouldn't be February without the mention of love. But this workshop, hosted by Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan - a practising therapist and relationship consultant - skips the romanticised 'flowers and rainbows' view of it so often presented, instead getting down to the real nitty and gritty of the subject. Expect to explore questions such as: Is love enough? What is its purpose? and How can we make love last? By exploring these questions, you'll come away with the knowledge and skills needed to help make a relationship last, long term. Dr. Bejanyan's website opens with an Albert Einstein quote, "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got." Perhaps this February is the time to make a change in the way you approach love.  

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    12, 19, 26 February: Soul Restore x Sound Healing at The Mandrake

    Over three consecutive Sundays this February, The Mandrake Hotel in London is inviting Sound Meditation Practitioners to join their spiritual wellbeing programme, sharing the nourishing and restorative properties of sounds with guests. Join Gong Sound Healer, Victoria Amore, at her workshop on 19 February for an awakening and activating session, or reconnect with the universe on 12 and 26 February as Maria Lodetofy of Mystic Sisters shares her Light Language. Whichever session(s) you attend, expect your mood, concentration, creativity, stress levels and sleep to improve. Not bad for a Sunday afternoon's work. 

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    15 and 16 February: Activia's What the Gut

    In partnership with Dr. Zoe Williams, Activia (yes, the yoghurt company) are hosting a pop up, immersive museum focussing on gut health. The space - at 59 Greek Street, Soho - will see visitors enter via a giant mouth before you walk through spaces that represent the oesophagus, intestines and stomach. The aim is to educate visitors about gut health in a fun and interactive manner. According to Activia, almost half (47%) of adults in the UK don't know how to look after their own gut health and, while this museum is part of a wider marketing campaign, it's nonetheless a great space to start learning how to keep our guts healthy.  

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    23 Feb: System Reset - Bioenergetics, Guided Meditation and Aerial Relaxation Pods

    This three-pronged approach to a full system (body) reset combines flow meditation, aerial yoga hammock-style relaxation pods and Bioenergetic Alchemy™ (the latter designed to bring consciousness to, and a release of, the patterns we hold in our body), to bring us into a sense of deep relaxation. The idea is to bring calm into our lives and to empower our minds by allowing ourselves the time and space needed to centre ourselves. As springtime edges ever-closer, this is the perfect opportunity to press the reset button and welcome an elevated mind, body and soul as the year progresses.    

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    25 February: Reconnect with your Mind: A Day Retreat at The Other House

    Since opening in late summer 2022, The Other House in South Kensington has become as well known for its wellness space - The Other Space - as for its hotel rooms. In addition to its spa, sauna, plus meditation and yoga studio, The Other Space offers holistic treatments including Reiki, Tarot readings, crystal healings and much more. On 26 February, they'll bring much of it together with a wellness afternoon that offers the chance to take part in a manifestation workshop, a hypnosis session, a sound bath meditation, a tea-ceremony, and more. The second in their 'Wellness Retreats for Busy Souls' series, an afternoon here promises to help you reconnect with your mind and to guide you towards a less stressful life. 

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    26 February: Stylist Restival

    Stylist magazine is back with The Stylist Restival which, if the name hasn't already given it away, is a festival dedicated to all things rest. Held at The Mondrian Hotel in Shoreditch, afternoon workshops will be held by Kirsty Gallagher, author of Lunar Living among other titles, on using the Lunar cycle to improve sleep as well as by Giselle La Pompe-Moore, author of Take It In, who will show you how to navigate life outside of the need for never-ending productivity. There's also the option to stay overnight at the Mondrian; with additional workshops for those who choose to do so including a nighttime sound bath from Jaha Browne and bedtime yoga led by Zakiya Bishton. At a time when many of us seem to be leading an adrenaline-fuelled life with limited downtime, this event is set to press pause on the ongoing cycle of 'doing things' and to help you use intentional rest to regain some balance. 

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    26 February: To Know Thyself Valentines Special

    Because love doesn't always have to come from someone else, take the time this February to discover yourself at this women-only event that aims to help you increase your own self-love and your connection with yourself. Various well-being practices will be on offer, including aromatherapy massages, journaling and meditation opportunities and a women's circle where you're invited to self-enquire and self-explore. Expect a dose of healthy snacks and warm cocoa too, alongside a gift bag with products designed to help you take well-being into your homes. Held at the aptly-named She's Lost Control Studio in Hackney, this is an event for anyone wanting to bring a sense of control back into their lives.

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