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    Welcome to the Dandy Apothecary, the place you’ll find (virtual) shelves upon shelves of tried, tested and true remedies for the tolls of modern day life. Our curated edit features all manner of tinctures, supplements and natural remedies to boost not only your health, but also your mind, mood and spirit, too.

    Your first port of call when things feel a little off-balance, Dandy is where you’ll find a wide yet selective range of natural, herbal remedies for the full spectrum of common ailments. Whether you need help sleeping or a natural solution to soothe feelings of anxiety, something to support your immunity or an aid to any digestive issues, seek a solution in our selection of modern day apothecary heroes.

    Like the contemporary equivalent of an old-school medicine man, Biocol Labs aptly named supplements address everything from bloating to sore throats, insomnia to sluggishness. Whatever discomfort you’re feeling, there’s a solution for that.

    Known for a totally holistic approach to health, Marie Reynolds London has a full catalogue of supplements and ingestibles designed to bring the body back into perfect harmony. Similarly, Ross J Barr creates a slick range of wellness solutions, including the brilliant Sleep and Calm Patches which come loaded with natural healing ingredients.

    And then there’s Wild Nutrition, impressive formulas designed to supplement your journey towards a balanced sense of wellbeing. Some formulas are quite straightforward in their aims (hello, Hyaluronic Acid), while others are altogether more complex. There’s a formula for endometriosis sufferers, breastfeeding mothers and even those of us looking for a boost to our hair, skin and nails. Isn’t that all of us?

    Whichever of Dandy’s natural and herbal remedies you choose, you’re bound to feel better soon...

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    Sleep Patches

    To be applied directly to the temples and tapped into a powerful acupuncture point
    Coming Soon...

    Calm Patches

    A convenient, effective and natural way to help alleviate stress headaches and tension, as well as ease anger and frustration
    Coming Soon...

    Ear Seeds - Boost Fertility

    Beautifully designed gold-plated acupuncture ear seeds. All the benefits of acupuncture but without the needles
    50% off


    Gut Pro

    Giving you the comfort you want, Gut Pro delivers what your gut needs to thrive.
    50% off


    Anti-G-Ox Starter Pack

    An extra line of defence for skin against premature ageing. This daily antioxidant supplement defends at a cellular level
    50% off



    Anxiety. Stress. Reset. As part of your daily health routine, De-Stress relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety for mental wellbeing.
    50% off



    Unlike standard prenatal supplements, Prenatal+ is scientifically formulated to cater to every mum-to-be’s needs.
    50% off


    Dandy, Delivered.

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