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    Kiki Health

    Kiki Health
    Think of Kiki Health like a modern day herbalist apothecary, purveyors of the finest and most powerful natural and herbal remedies for every corner of your lifestyle. It’s recognised and well respected as the standard for excellence in healthy lifestyle products, and was born out of a desire to boost our collective health and wellbeing. How? Through high grade optimum food supplements that contain only the highest quality, pure ingredients from all over the word.

    With formulas for everything from healthy muscles and bones to better digestion, some come in powder form, others in capsules, but Kiki Health’s supplements are never a chore to take, slotting seamlessly into your existing rituals and routines. Never compromising, you’ll never find a load of additives, preservatives, synthetics, binders of filler ingredients in Kiki Health’s products; only 100% active ingredients, and made here in the UK. Just the way we like it.

    Digging deep into the wonders of the natural world, Kiki Health’s supplements use the best plant-based, natural ingredients, the kind that come brimming with essential actives, vitamins and minerals to boost your brain power, add glow to the complexion and help your body move more freely. It’s almost everything you need to live a well and fulfilled lifestyle.

    If you’ve ever felt like you’ve struggled to reach your RDA through your diet alone, or want to refuel on a particular vitamin or mineral, take a look at Kiki Health’s wide range of dietary supplements, available here at Dandy.
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    Activated Charcoal Powder

    Contributes to the reduction of excessive flatulence
    Coming Soon...

    Cacao Powder

    Chocolatey ­flavour without unwanted sugars and additives that can be stirred into drinks or added to smoothies and desserts


    Spirulina Powder

    Plant-based protein for healthy muscles and bones


    Chlorella Powder

    Boosts antibody count, promotes weight loss, known to fight cancer and other diseases


    Turmeric Powder

    Widely used in herbal remedies for its nutrient dense properties and has a warm gingery/ peppery taste


    Wheatgrass Powder

    Perfect for mixing with water or juice for a pure shot of concentrated plant goodness or blended with fresh green vegetables for a healthy alkalising smoothie


    Hemp Powder

    Protects the heart, helps to maintain lean body mass, and maintains brain function


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