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    The Long-Term Benefits Of Cryo Facial

    Davina Catt

    Whilst the Cryo facial has become more mainstream recently, it still remains a lesser-known alternative to the myriad of deep cleansing, anti-ageing and collagen stimulating facial treatments on the beauty market. But why? Cryo facial treatments incorporate all of these benefits with a stream of liquid nitrogen vapours directed over the face at sub temperatures to have quicker and long-lasting results.


    Alla Pashynska, founder of Ice Health Cryotherapy London is the UK’s leading expert on cryostimulation for both face and body. She has even worked with scientists at London’s South Bank University to create her own cutting-edge technology that utilises a combination of temperatures for greater results, ‘our process stimulates receptors to send a signal to the brain, which rejuvenates the blood. This not only greatly improves the skin’s appearance but boosts skin circulation of oxygen and skin tightening for better long-term benefits from within. It can even help with anxiety and depression.’


    The cryo facial generally works with temperatures around -145C: it supplies more oxygen to the skin than even an Oxygen mask or hydrotherapy. The process works by the minus temperature causing rapid vasoconstriction and then stable dilation of blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries, which enhances the nutrition of the skin and activates the metabolic processes. An additional benefit of the improved skin nutrition is increased penetrability of cell membranes, which control what passes in and out of cells, provide structure and allow cells to communicate with one another.


    Pasynska explains, ‘My style of cryo facial which I like to follow with LED light has long term benefits because it helps the body to do the work itself from the inside out – our cryo facial acts on a cellular level. Our skin’s natural response to extreme temperatures is to defend and protect itself – so the cryo facial accelerates all the skin’s processes from within.’ And the result is collagen stimulation, elastin, hydrated and tightened skin, improved circulation and even anti-inflammatory benefits, which can ease acne and rosacea symptoms.


    For those who are still fearful of subjecting your facial skin to cold temperatures, reassuringly the pump of liquid nitrogen only lasts 2-3 minutes and the whole cryo facial is one of the quickest treatments, often only lasting anything up to 40minutes.


    Facial testers confirm the cryo facial results in glowing skin, plumped out frown and lines and the look of eight hours of sleep with immediate effect – it also lasts for days afterwards.



    Cryo facial experts to visit in London:


    The first Cryotherapists to introduce these treatments to the UK. They have been providing this new style of holistic care supporting health, performance and well-being since 2009. Providing services to a cross section of celebrities and athletes. 
    A biohacking clinic that uses innovative temperature and light treatments to promote optimal health. The brand provides cryotherapy, thermotherapy & an LED light system that encourages cellular efficiency for a variety of benefits. They have a number of clinic across London including Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. 
    A pioneered new beauty space. Hershehsons is a home away from home; a co-working space come café; a destination where you’ll discover the very best brands and beauty treatments including Sunday Riley known for their  Ice Lift treatment. 

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