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    What's New In Wellness This December?

    As December arrives and all things turn festive, Dandy rounds up all the new wellness products and places this month not to miss out on.

    By Davina Catt / Nov 1, 2023

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    new luxury matcha brand

    Cloudcha, the new luxury matcha brand founded by two friends: Pilates instructor, Bryony Deery who started training TV presenter, Rochelle Humes, a couple of years ago. Post workout their friendship ritual was to have a morning cup of matcha together, which turned into an idea to enable others to have the same experience. Cloudcha takes its name from their way of drinking matcha – frothy with cloud like milk – and is made from ceremonial matcha in the most potent, purest form. Buy a starter set and you will find a QR code that offers video tutorials on how to create that perfect matcha cuppa. 

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    new in

    new safety app for women

    Which female friend of yours doesn’t have a story of feeling uncomfortable and in danger late at night? Now you can live your best after hours life without a worry with the Epowar app: founder E-J Roodt had a lightbulb moment when she learned about Apple Watches that could detect a heart attack and realised she could create the same thing for anyone under physical attack. Epowar doesn’t need to be activated and is entirely automated so women can feel safe on their journeys. 

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    new sustainable electric toothbrushes

    New luxury sustainable toothbrush brand, Suri, knows that small, day to day rituals can make a massive impact on the health of our beloved planet. Reconstructing the electric toothbrush to be fully reusable, recyclable and repairable: the brush heads are made from bio based materials - plant based corn starch and bristles are made from castor oil – whilst the body of the brush is made from aluminium for easy recycling. 

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    luxury genderful fragrances

    Boy Smells is an LA based luxury fragrance brand that sits above genderless to incorporate our best masculine and feminine traits to harness power from wherever you want it. Based on unique scent ingredients, such as Cinderose, made from rose and smoke, and Gardener, comprising tomato vine, honeysuckle, expect traditionally masculine scents wrapped in feminine traits. New Boy smell collections include fragrance for the home space, fine fragrance, body care and even apparel. 

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    new members club

    Jesse’s House is coming to Central London in 2024: a new hybrid family club and nursery that aims to be the perfect sanctuary for all the family to enjoy. Expect entertainment for the kids including soft play and jungle gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a kids cinema as well as a restaurant and courtyard café for adults too. There’s also a lovely terrace space and kids den games room as well. Monthly membership packages are a feasible option. 

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    Loewe x Cloudtilt


    Eleeels Hot Spa Stone Set

    The Tech Bar




    new winter bottled cocktail

    Oatnog is a new eggnog recipe but better. And all contained in one bottle – decadent, creamy full of winter spice and buttery rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. Serve hot or cold. 

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    new community driven wellness platform

    EYEAM, is the newly launched community-driven wellness destination on a mission to align the skin with the mind, body, and spirit. The platform is designed to bring together traditional wisdoms and techniques with new science and innovation. EYEAM believes in the cells’ ability to heal through the powerful connection of nature, science, rituals, and affirmations. Look out for the core aspect of the Eyeam skincare products: a crystal infusion formula designed to raise your vibration and shift the mindset from negative to positive. The brand uses Rose Quartz applicators, which have been energetically cleared and imprinted to bring healing and positivity, providing a double dose of crystal energy in their topical products. A sustainably driven brand, expect plenty of upcycled ingredients, local suppliers and environmentally responsible packaging. 

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    new luxury gifting destination

    Stuck for that unique gift, a quality present for yourself or a loved one, colleague, or friend with that je ne sais quoi? Now you don’t have to trawl the shops in a last minute panic, as new luxury gifting platform, The Go-To, has put all the thought into every gift you could possibly want for all your friend types gathered in one online marketplace: expect fun slogan ceramics, quirky Murano glass sets, personalised bedwear, customised backgammon boards and a lot more. Or shop by type from The Socialite, The Cigar Connoisseur, The World Traveller to the Homebody, there’s something to inspire everyone from the comfort of easy-to-shop from your own sofa. 

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    new luxury female founders skincare advent calendar

    Award winning anti-ageing skincare brand, Lyfta Skintape, founded by two women aiming to empower others along the ageing process, hit upon this unique natural ‘lift’ technique using kinesiotape after a loved-one’s knee injury. After much research and work with physiotherapists, Lyfta skintape was born with facial patches that recreate the effect of lift, lymphatic drainage, muscle support and increased blood circulation on the face. This Christmas enjoy the delight of a mega advent calendar, 25 drawers filled with unique top quality products, all from female founders. The proceeds will go to Kering Foundation, which combats violence against women. Win win. 

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