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    Sex-Care Routine: How To Feel Your Best Before, During, and After Sex

    Elevate your self-care with a sex-care routine: explore the importance of intimacy and learn how to prioritise sexual wellbeing. Our guide provides insights and tips for nurturing a healthy and fulfilling sexual connection, enhancing pleasure, and fostering intimacy in your relationships.

    By Liv Surtees / Dec 07, 2023

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    We’ve all heard of self-care routines, but what about sex-care routines? Well, they’re actually super important and you might benefit from having one! 


    Sex is a wonderful and fulfilling part of life, but what if we told you that you could improve your confidence, experience more pleasure, and boost your mood in the bedroom by just doing a few things before, during, and after sex? Well, that’s the truth!

    In this article, we’re going to share our best sex-care tips with you, taking you right from the beginning of a sexual experience to the very end. So, whether you’re getting down and dirty with a partner, partners, or by yourself, you’re going to be ready to build your own sex-care routine and bring even more joy into this area of your life!

    important message: do what makes you feel good

    Before we go ahead and give you a bunch of tips and tricks that you may (or most likely will definitely) want to use to build your sex-care routine, it’s important to say that you have to do exactly what makes you feel good, both before, during, and after sex (and of course in your life as a whole!). 


    Although there are certainly a few things that you should do to support your health when you have sex (like peeing afterwards!), different people like to turn themselves on in unique ways, enjoy the experience of sex differently, and look after themselves in a way that makes them feel their best afterwards! 


    So, go with the flow, lean into your desires, and make sure you’re always honouring your own unique needs when creating your sex-care routine!

    sexual health

    how to feel your best before sex: 5 tips

    Whilst sex may happen out of the blue with no time to take a moment to practice a little bit of pre-sex self-care, hopefully most of the time you know in advance that you’re about to get busy and you can use these tips to feel your best before sex.


    1. Pamper Yourself

    We all have different grooming preferences and we all give ourselves TLC in unique ways, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re shaving everywhere and having a bubble bath or doing your nails and putting body lotion on, just make sure you spend some time physically pampering yourself. Smelling good and being clean always helps too!


    2. Set The Mood

    Set the mood whilst you get ready for your sex date: put on some candles, pop on a sensual playlist, light an incense, or take a moment to do a mindfulness practice to let go of any stress you’re holding onto that exists outside of the moment at hand. 


    3. Wear Something That Makes You Feel Sexy

    Silky robe that makes your skin feel good? New lingerie set that you feel super confident in? Oversized shirt and cute panties that make you feel ultra-romantic? Wear whatever makes you feel your most sensual self!


    4. Make Sure Everyone Involved Is STI-free and Be Prepared

    Although it might not be the most glamorous part of a pre-sex ritual, it’s important to ensure that before you dive into bed with anyone you know they are STI-free and that you have contraceptive and protective methods at the ready. Practising safe sex is hot, so do it.


    5. Build Up The Tension

    If you’re with a partner, why not take things back to basics and simply enjoy building the sexual tension you have together by making out on the sofa like teenagers or even by brushing your knees against each other over dinner? Take it slow and allow the sexual tension to build before you actually have sex!

    how to feel your best during sex: 5 tips

    1. Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

    I repeat: foreplay is essential. Foreplay isn’t only necessary to reach a point of ultimate arousal, but it allows you and your partner(s) to explore each other’s bodies, take pleasure in oral sex, and build the sexual tension even further. So, don’t skip it or rush it.


    2. Communicate Openly With Your Partner(s)

    Although you may feel nervous opening up communication during sex, it’s a great idea to do so! Talking to your partner(s) during sex can help you to share what you like and don’t like, increase the pleasure that the two of you experience, and can lead to trying out new things!


    Obviously, when discussing communication with a partner(s), it’s important to note that before any type of sexual activity occurs, communication and more specifically, explicit consent is needed. 


    3. Get A Helping Hand from Lube + Toys

    Lube and sex toys were created to make your life more pleasurable! So, why not incorporate them into your sexual experience? There are tonnes of partnered toys out there and there’s even CBD lube showing up on various marketplaces, so treat yourself!


    4. Breathe Properly

    During sex, people often tend to lose a regulated breathing pattern and hold their breath repeatedly, especially when building up to climax. Breathing deeply and in a rhythm can actually help you achieve greater orgasms. So, try to regulate your breathing and see your pleasure increase!


    5. Try Different Positions

    Whilst you don’t need to try out 15 new positions every time you have sex (unless that’s really what you want to do!), trying out new positions isn’t just fun, but it can help you experience new aspects of pleasure in the bedroom! So, why not shake it up a bit and get a little adventurous more often?

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    how to feel your best after sex: 5 tips

    1. Pee After Sex + Clean Up

    It’s not only important, but absolutely vital, that you pee after sex! Not going for a pee after sex can lead to UTIs and other infections. So, flush it all out your system and make sure you’re keeping yourself as healthy and protected as possible! Also, take some time to “clean up” - wash your hands, wash around (never inside!) your vulva, or take a shower if that’s what you feel like you need!


    2. Pillow Talk It Out 

    Whilst you may not feel like pillow talking if you’re simply on a one-night stand (although sometimes that’s actually super cute too!), you should try to engage in some kind of pillow talk, even if just to debrief about what just happened. Talking things out, asking questions, and getting intimate without getting physical can deepen the bond between you and your partner(s) and even make sex better for you in the future!


    3. Get Cuddly

    Whilst they might not be for everyone, having cuddles after sex is a great way to prolong the release of oxytocin in your body and keep you feeling happy! Snuggling up after sex can also deepen the bond between partners, so if you’re looking for more intimacy in a relationship, this is a must!


    4. Sleep In Loose-Fitting Clothing or Naked

    Once you’ve had sex, it’s important to let both your vulva and the entirety of your body breathe. So, it’s a no to sleeping in tight clothes or restrictive lingerie! If you don’t want to run the risk of any bacterial infections, stick to sleeping in loose-fitting clothing or simply being naked!


    5. Reflect On The Experience

    Whether specifically after you’ve had sex or the next day, it can be powerful and useful for future sexual experiences to reflect on what happened! Think about what specifically made you feel good, what you really enjoyed, how you felt at the time and how you feel now, and what you’d like to do more/less of next time!

    Dr Barbara Sturm


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