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    Bare Biology

    Bare Biology is a brand built on the power of omega-3. When founder Melanie Lawton scoured the market for a high-quality, totally transparent and all-natural omega-3 supplement brand, she found nothing. And so she took it upon herself, as someone who had experienced first hand the benefits of omega-3, to build the dream brand.

    So what can omega-3 do for you? Well, this fatty acid is great for our brains, eyes, and blood pressure, and it can help to keep the skin healthy and glowing. But the issue is, our bodies aren’t able to make it on their own, which is why we have to get our fill from our diets. But how often do you eat oily fish? Thought so. And that’s exactly why so many people turn to an omega-3 supplement.

    Bare Biology leaves no stone unturned in its quest to make the most efficacious and high quality omega-3 supplements going. Its formulas contain high amounts of EPA and DHA (the things needed for the omega-3 to work quickly and effectively), with extracts from the freshest of fish – necessary to avoid the rather unpleasant fish burps, apparently! Transparency is also key. Its supplements come with proof of purity so you know the fish oil inside isn’t contaminated with anything untoward. And they test batches all the time.
    Its products come in liquid, powder and capsule form, with each formula offering a multitude of bolt-on benefits via additional nutritional supplements like vitamin D and collagen. It’s supplements done differently.

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