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    Thankfully, we’re starting to notice much broader conversations around the menopause. No longer a hush-hush subject full of taboos and misconceptions, the tide is finally changing. And so too are the products available for this time in your life. MPowder is one distinct brand leading the charge, the first plant-based supplement powder range crafted to target the three key biochemical stages of the menopause.

    It came about after founder Rebekah was turned away from her GP as she was told she was ‘too young’ to be undergoing the menopause. Turns out, she wasn’t. And with no official help on the horizon, she set about researching the tried and tested remedies to help alleviate some of the more uncomfortable symptoms. That’s how MPowder was born, the amalgamation of all of Rebekah’s time, energy and research.

    Everything that goes into MPowder’s blends is totally vegan friendly, and only ever comes from plant-based sources. Each scoop is loaded with ingredients you will actually recognise, blended together to supplement a healthy diet.

    Peri-boost is the blend for you if you’re over 40 or experiencing perimenopause. It targets the common symptoms like fatigue, sleep issues, bloating, skin elasticity, joint ache and a whole lot more, doing everything it can to balance the symptoms triggered by fluctuating hormones throughout this time. Meno-boost, on the other hand, is the well rounded nutritional supplement for women experiencing post menopause, and the hot flashes, depleted energy, poor sleep, anxiety, brain fog and all other symptoms that come with it.
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