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    What's New In Wellness This April

    Davina Catt

    New Wellness Supplement

    For those worrying about the condition of their joints, bones or weakened muscles after a stressful few years and an extended period of seditionary life during Covid, this new Joint, Muscle, Bone Formula by Ross J Barr is a clinically proven way to support the body.

    Celebrated acupuncturist and widely recognised leading health and wellness specialist, Ross J Barr’s new range of supplements and formula are bringing his results-driven expertise to the market: this formula is a natural ‘food state’ supplement rich in calcium, also including boron, copper, magnesium and Vitamin K to support bone, muscle density and to help defend against osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Available soon at Dandy


    New Women’s Midlife Health Support Platform


    Struggling with low moods? Feeling lethargic but don’t exactly know why. WomenWise is the new women to women support platform aimed at helping females through the still largely under the radar condition, perimenopause. This midlife rite of passage is a pre-cursor to the menopause and can affect women from an early age.

    Founded by two friends with a background in nutritional therapy and brand consulting, Womenwise was conceived based on a shared frustration of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to midlife and the menopause jigsaw for women.

    Expect a niche programme with experts, including a deep dive into your biochemistry, blood samples and finally a detailed personal plan report into the best approach for you, including herbal based treatments.



    New premium wellness brand (also available on subscription)

    A female founded optimum health brand aimed at supporting women of Asian, African, Arab heritage. Initiated by the impact on those communities during Covid, SOW focuses on the science behind supplements to design unique formulations.

    Expect vegan-friendly, multi complex supplements to deliver what is depleted in your body including B12, complex minerals and co-enzymes. Notice improved memory, focus, mood and general wellbeing.


    New singular focused luxury skincare brand

    Reome founded by celebrated acupuncturist and award winning beauty editor, Joanna Ellner, has a singular intention: to heal skin impaired by extended periods of stress. Created at the intersection of skin science and grounding practice, the groundbreaking formulations are designed to be used as a panacea to the hyper digital world and to re-connect with ourselves.

    Expect advanced biotech ingredients and bio-fermented actives.


    New plant powered drink supplement brand

    Meet Erba the new brand described as ‘functional natural supplements for modern living.’ An easy-to -use formula that can be fitted into your daily routine; flavourless, plant powered formulas infused with adaptogens and nootropics to raise your vibration and promote wellbeing from within.

    Based on ancient Ayurvedic principles and combined with modern science, Erba wants to help harmony and self alignment: try from 3 different formulas – ‘Woke and focus,’ ‘Glow and Flow,’ ‘Calm and Clarity.’


    New contemporary massage brand

    Masaj founders believe in the power of touch: the brand has been founded directly to combat the negative effects of modern city living. Through their tailor made bodywork treatments, Masaj experts focus on simplicity to reach deep tissue and muscle fibres. Choose from a range of five treatments available at home or in the two Central London studios.

    Masaj is based on five core purposes: change, embrace, authentic, cahoot, green.


    New non-hangover brand

    Drink away all evening and suffer no hangover. Sound too good to be true? Well not now with the new AWKN natural formulas. AWKN is short for Awaken and is based on Korean traditional remedies combining vitamins, minerals, herbs aimed at not only breaking down acetaldehyde (the main driver of a hangover) but also restoring the liver and building up immunity overnight.

    Based on three principles: Protection (while you drink), Detox (while you sleep), Recharge (in the morning). Just add the sachet to water before or even back home from your night out and enjoy a clear head in the morning!


    New beauty pop-up store

    Started by one female founder through a passion and curiosity for health, wellbeing and charity, Raye is an ever-developing success story. Both online and with a physical ‘travelling pop up’ presence, Raye carefully curates the best brands in the business notably based on their philosophy: ‘launched from honesty, use of natural ingredients and quality design.’

    Now a trusted destination and community building enterprise, Raye the store is now open in Notting Hill until 20th April 2023. Expect a focus on exceptional, emerging beauty brands with a story based on integrity and function.

    2 Blenheim Crescent, London W11

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