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    What's New In Wellness This June?

    Davina Catt

    New Wellness Getaway (with a difference)

    When did a rural country festival give you the chance to select from 300 specially curated events around wellness, arts, yoga, wild swimming, fitness (and more)? Well now The Big Retreat located in the picturesque, vast greenery of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, is home to a huge event designed to offer something for everyone (and the kids), featuring Glastonbury-esque stages from ‘The Soul Space,’ ‘Fitness Field,’ to ‘Darwin’s Den,’ and ‘The Chef’s Kitchen.’ Think spiritual craft workshops, ice baths, tapping workshops, inner child insights, hot tubs, facial yoga and a whole lot more. Don’t miss out.

    June 1-4th


    New waste free period care

    Is it actually possible to estimate the amount of microplastic waste that ends up in landfill from flushing period products each month? Now we won’t have to compromise the planet at ‘that time of the month.’ The new Fluus is the pioneering first fully ‘flushable,’ zero waste period pad product – pads that dissolve in water not your underwear. Created from 70% plant-based materials, with tree sap used instead of thermoplastic glue, as adhesive, Fluus products are fully absorbent due to plant fibre materials and the biodegradable polymer core. Hassle free periods each month whilst protecting the planet. Win win.     

     New Personal Living Space Book

    It’s easy to forget how much home environment impacts our life, energy and wellbeing – it can also be overwhelming making sense of the ancient notions of Feng shui and how to create a positive interior space. Find Yourself At Home: A conscious approach to Shaping Your space and Your Life by certified Feng Shui consultant, Emily Grosvenor, is just the book for beginners or those who have been attempting to reshape their home environment for a while.  The author creates an easy to follow, practical guide to support positive behaviour, personal development and your goals.


    New Body contouring treatment

    Evolve X is the exciting new body contouring technology from In Mode UK that achieves next level results in fat reduction, skin tightening and muscle tone across body parts. Dr Dev Patel, leading cosmetic doctor, explains of the new technology, ‘it works by combining temperature controlled bipolar radio frequency energy (RF) with electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), which delivers a synergistic layering treatment and consistent transformative results for our patients.’ Practitioners can focus on specific areas from abdomen, waist, buttocks, arms and thighs – you will notice a difference immediately to skin and body tone but no down time is needed after the treatment so you can even fit in the session in a lunch break.

    Available The Lanesborough Hotel Spa

               New B Corp certified Luxury Skincare

    Whilst Elemis might hardly be a new name on the luxury skincare market, it is only now that the brand has been fully approved B Corp certified. All products are formulated in the UK through it’s ‘field to face’ philosophy; now it is also working with award winning British growers to get the best quality natural oils, extracts and ingredients. Elemis also uses a diverse variety of British oil seed crops helping the sustainability of honey bees through the farming of Starflower, Echium and Camelina.

                New plant based functional drinks

    Shake Your Plants is a new range of pure plant based ‘superpower’ drinks: using natural plants and remedies that have been around for centuries, but without all the modern-day marketing and hype, Shake Your Plant is a curated edit of easy-to-use drinks that just require you to add water for pure plant-based goodness. Try from a selection of Kombucha drinks infused with ingredients, such as prebiotic fibres, dairy free probiotics, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and more; to improve digestion, mood, strengthen immunity, reduce brain fog and other health benefits.


    New Functional Fitness studio

    Re Place has opened a new Studio in London’s Notting Hill – the esteemed wellness and recovery studio offers a complete Body + Mind experience. Taking a holistic approach to fitness, expect forward thinking techniques, including Body Rollers and Somadome to prevent injury and focus on sustained progress as well as stress reduction and mind, body alignment.

    New Biohacking

    Biohacking might be the wellness term of the moment but where is the best place to embark on this human enhancement journey? Grey Wolfe is the new place to know: supporting clients to be the best of their true selves. The Grey Wolfe method is the ultimate journey to rebalance your mind, refuel your cells, and recharge your frequency. This biohacking treatment consists of 3 experiences finished by an attuned massage of your choice: rebalance the mind with the Grey Wolfe Rebalance Impulse, prepare your body with an attuned experience, refuel your inner light with an infrared sauna, and recharge your frequency with the Bio-charger.

    The Grey Wolfe method takes 2hr 15mins - £199

    New meditation studio

    A modern studio that champions mindfulness, meditation and movement, 7 Breaths in Fitzrovia is London’s latest stillness sanctuary. Curated in a sustainably driven design studio, classes cover how to successfully meditate and unwind over half an hour sessions with group sessions, corporate classes and events on offer.

    New Health Blender

    Beast is the new compact health blender to make your life easy! Meticulously designed, constructed from premium materials, and fine tuned for maximum performance – choose from a range including the Beast Hydration System, which includes a glass bottle for making infusions and taking blends to go. From acai bowls to super greens with turmeric shakes in between, you can create all your health goodness with Beast.

          New plant based products

    Renowned plant-based food and wellness platform has evolved from recipe websites to apps and even a Central London restaurant. Plants by Deliciously Ella is a new plant based product range made up of essentials, including mix and match biscuits, nut butters and even sauces to fill up your cupboard.

    New Health Food Drinks


    A delicious range of mouth watering new probiotic water drinks from Press Health foods are now available. Think gut friendly ingredients such as pomegranate and raspberry, mango and pineapple, and other live cultures. Other new products include the tantalisingly named, Water+ Activated Charcoal drink for a post hangover zeal.   

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