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    Bala Bangles - Black 1lb

    Constant and comfortable resistance to your workouts; that can be worn on the wrists or the ankles during various forms of exercise
    Coming Soon...

    Pleasure No.1 - The Seed

    The small package that does big things. Designed to cradle the clitoris, with ten vibration settings for your personal pleasure


    Power Drops

    Developed to help you feel centred and grounded, restore a sense of calm and support in times of emotional demand.


    Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask - Black Jade

    The sleep mask that feels like a face hug. Cloud-like padding and total black-out design offers total comfort and complete black out


    Acupressure Pillow - ECO

    Alleviates bodily pains, whilst helping the body release feel-good endorphins and generally promotes a feeling of calm


    The Everywhere Wash

    Designed to balance, nourish and protect everywhere on your body, including intimate skin. Contains only natural and necessary ingredients


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